J.M Barrie


Where did he grow up?

Born May 9, 1860 in the burgh of Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland? His father David Barrie was a weaver and his mother Margaret Ogilvy. He had a large family and was a near 5 feet 1 inch tall person. He had 3 brother and 6 sisters.

Where did he get the idea for Peter Pan?

When Barrie married actress Mary Ansell in 1894, on their honeymoon to Switzerland they bought a St. Bernard puppy, which inspired for the character Nana. A few years later they met this new couple the Llewelyn Davies while in the Kensington Gardens and he would entertain their 5 children with stories eventually basing their children as the characters of Peter Pan.

What was JM Barrie like?

JM Barry had many celebrity friends, but he was also unusually friendly with children. Many say that he had a personality similar to that of Michael Jackson, and he had a very youthful side to him. Some people speculate that he was a pedophile or engaged in the sexual abuse of children, however, no actual evidence has ever been produced.

What did people think of peter pan when it was first published?

Peter Pan first showed up in a section of J.M Barries novel The Little White Bird which was mainly for adult, but as the character of Peter Pan had been praised. They took it to the next level and made it a stage play, which was solely about Peter Pan, Wendy, her brother, lost boys, tinker bell, Hook and their adventure to Neverland. From the play it became a book and from that point on it has grown to many different versions and has been key in the fairytale world

Other Works

JM Barrie has a long, reputable list of works to his name, but here are just a few. "Auld Licht Idylls", "The Little Minister", "Richard Savage", "The Wedding Guest", "Quality Street", "Peter and Wendy", and "A Kiss for Cinderella". However, of all these works, Peter Pan was by far the most famous, and well received by the public.

Climate during JM Barrie's life

Barrie lived from 1860 - 1936. In the United Kingdom, this period of time was known as the Victorian Era, in which Queen Victoria ruled. This was a great time for England because many people expressed their artistic personalities. This was also a time for great reform and change in England as well, and many literary schools were established where people could go and get proper educations. THis time period can most easily be compared to the Renaissance Era.