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Original Fairy Tale Version
Original Tale

Aladdin was a Boy who lived with his mother, they were very poor. In order to get money Aladdin had to go and pick bananas in far away places for money. One day while he was in the market he ran into a man who looked like a wizard and the man offered Aladdin a silver penny, which is a great deal of money to Aladdin and his mother, all the wizard asked in return was for Aladdin to go into this manhole for him. Aladdin went down the hole and saw treasures beyond his wildest dreams, just a handful of the treasure would have made him richer than the sultan. He heard the wizard call down to him "just retrieve the lamp and then i will give you your reward". So Aladdin grabbed the lamp and called up for the wizard to help him out of the manhole. The wizard got angry and closed the manhole dropping his magic ring. Aladdin was trapped in the hole. He saw the ring the wizard had dropped and started to spin the jewel on top. A Genie appeared before Aladdin. Aladdin told the Genie to take him home. he instantly appeared at his home. when his Mother saw he was home she asked where the money was and he said that he did not get paid but he had a lamp. The mother said "its so old and dirty i hope it works" when she began to rub it clean a genie appeared before them. Aladdin wished for a meal for him and his mother and it was done then he wanted the hand of the princess so he went to the palace and asked for the princesses hand in marriage. the sultan told Aladdin to bring him 40 slaves each holding a precious gem. he went home and rubbed the lamp and wished just for that. the genie clapped his hands and it was done. Then the sultan told Aladdin to build a Palace, So he went home and wished for it. Finally the princess was his and it was time for the wedding. In order to get married all his old possessions had to be replaced with new ones. without his knowledge his old grimy lamp was tossed away and a new one took its place. When Aladdin asked where it was the princess told him what had happened then He explained to the princess what kind of lamp it was. They searched high and low for it but it was gone and into the hands of the wizard. The wizard wished for The princess and all of Aladdin's possessions and the palace to be sent to a faraway land. In an instant they were gone. Aladdin remembered he still had the wizards ring. So he put it on and began to spin it again. he wished to go to his new wife and the palace. He blinked and was gone. there he saw the princess and whispered to her not to say anything because the wizard could not know what was about to happen. he ran over and grabbed the lamp. he wished for the wizard to be taken to a faraway place where no one would ever find him and the wizard disappeared. from that day forth Aladdin and the princess lived together and to this very day you can still admire the traces of an ancient palace which folk call the palace that came from the skies.

Adventures of Aladdin Link that takes you to the Brother's Grimm Tale of Aladdin
Short analysis on Brother's Grimm Version This website explains the different components of the story like the theme, setting tone, atmosphere, point of view, and major characters of the Grimm's version of the story

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Similar Tales Across Cultures


This is a similar version of the original story by Brother's Grimm. In this story a magician tricks Aladdin, the son of a poor tailor, into getting a magic lamp from a hidden cavern. Aladdin is able to use the magic lamp to get treasures for his family and marry the Sultan’s daughter, Princess Buddir. But the magician wants his lamp back, and Aladdin must outwit him again

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Aladdin Pantomime Version
Aladdin Pantomime Version

Fragmented Parodies/ Political Correct Adaptations

The storyline of the pantomime version of Aladdin is much different than the Disney version. The story starts out with a stranger (Abanazar) giving Aladdin a bag of sweets, he later claims to be his uncle. In reality Abanazar is a wizard and is using Aladdin to retrieve a magic lamp from a cave. He gives Aladdin a magic ring to protect him as well. Aladdin finds the lamp but refuses to give it to Abanazar so he traps him in the cave. Aladdin uses the genie of the ring to get him out of the cave and then learns about the genie of the lamp. He uses the Genie of the lamp’s power to impress the Emperor and marry his daughter. Abanazar dresses up as a merchant and pretends to trade new lamps for old ones and tricks Aladdins new wife into giving him the lamp. He becomes the new master of the lamp. Abanazar tries to overthrow the Emperor and banishes many people to the desert. He celebrates, drinks too much wine, and falls asleep. Aladdin is able to take back the lamp. The slave of the ring conjures up a magic carpet to carry all the people out of the desert. Aladdin then wishes the genie to be free from the lamp.

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Pantomime: A Dramatic Entertainment (click here for the online definition)

Mass Media Interpretations

Disney Film Aladdin (1992)

Modern Disney Version
Classic Disney Version
Original Theather Poster for Disney's Aladdin

On November 25, 1992 the animated Disney film Aladdin was produced, making Aladdin the 31st feature in the "Walt Disney Animated Classic Series". The film got very good reviews, except for some criticism from Arabs who considered the film racist. Despite the negative attention, the film was the most successful of the year earning $217 million in the US and $504 million worldwide. Aladdin won many of awards,most for the soundtracks, and two sequels The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Theives as well as an animated TV series.
How the Disney film differs from the stories?
The Disney version is the first movie version of Aladdin. The events that happen in the movie are similar to the ones that happen in the brothers Grimm story. However, the order of the events is slightly different. In the Grimm version the story starts out with Aladdin meeting the man who tells him to get the lamp and then later fall in love with the princess. In the Disney version Aladdin first meets and falls in love with the princess. Later Jafar who is disguised as an old man confronts him. There are two genies in the Grimm version, the genie of the ring and the genie of the lamp. Disney’s Aladdin has the genie of the lamp and the magic carpet. The ending is much different between the two versions also. In the Grimm version Aladdin wishes for the wizard to be sent away where no one will find him. However, in the Disney version Aladdin tricks Jafar to wish to be an all-powerful genie so that he is stuck in his lamp, which is sent far away.

Disney on Ice


This Aladdin on ice production is directed towards younger children. It features figure skaters dressed as the Disney cartoon characters in performances reacting different parts of the Disney film. This production began in 1981 taking on the name "Walt Disney's World on Ice", and in 1998 it was shortened to just " Disney on Ice". This production has performed in over eight productions and has played all over the world including Americas, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Europe. When "Disney on Ice" comes up with new shows it shows in America for two years before it goes overseas. The show will stay overseas for five years before returning back to America during its sixth year of production.

Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular


The production in California's Disneyland is a Broadway-type show that includes many of the classic scenes and songs from the original Disney movie. It has been transformed on stage in 2003 into a 45 minute production that takes place in the Hypersion Theather that seats 2,000 people. The production includes Prince Ali's riding in on an elephant, flying carpets, magic lamps, wise-cracking genies, princesses, and evil wizards.


Pop Culture Disney Princess as Vogue Cover Model

1. TLC wrote a whole series of articles comparing each Disney Princess and their individual success they each had both in and out of the theater. One article stood out in particular when Jasmine, Mulan, and Pohcahantas were assumed to be the 'outcasts' of the eight beautiful princesses. The first two paragraphs of this article explain the criticism behind the film and how Jasmine has been compared to the other princesses.

2. No matter how popular a movie or story is, criticism always follows. Aladdin is no different. Many people have criticized the way Arabs are portrayed in the Disney film. To read more about the issues click here.

3. Disney was strongly criticized for a long time for not having diversity. Many of the princesses were caucasian. Disney decided to become more diverse by having princesses from the Middle East or American-Indian descent. Jasmine was one of the more diverse princesses.

The morals in the Disney version and the other versions are different.
In the Brothers Grimm version and most of the others versions of Aladdin that we have read have the moral “be careful who you trust”. The stories start out with Aladdin meeting the magician who convinces Aladdin he is trying to help him however he traps him in the cave and leaves him for dead. Aladdin uses the lamp to get out and then the magician convinces Aladdin’s wife to give him the lamp and then he uses it to destroy Aladdin’s life and take his wife. In the Disney version the moral is “be yourself”. Aladdin is trying to win the heart of the princess by acting like a rich prince. He uses his wishes to make himself a prince and tries to impress the princess with money and stories about himself. In reality the princess loves Aladdin for who he really is, a poor theif. Aladdin fails to understand this and instead of telling the truth he tells the princess what he thinks she wants to hear, achieving the opposite of what his goal is.