Group 2 Peter Pan and Peter Pan Syndrome
Colleen Bailey Jane Joo Lexie Cima

Who is Peter Pan?
The character of Peter Pan first appeared in “The Little White Bird”. Barrie wrote this novel in 1902 with an attended adult audience. Peter Pans next appearance was in the play “Peter Pan” or “The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up”. The play was made in 1904 and became a novel in 1911. Peter Pan has had other appearances and adaptions through out the years such as the movie “Hook”. Peter Pan is the boy wouldn’t grow up; he was a hero to the lost boys and Neverland.

Significance of Peter Pans name and Greek Mythology

Peter Pan got his name from the Greek god named Pan, who is the god of the wild, hunting, and rustic music. Also Pan was a companion to the nymphs who could be looked at as the lost boys. His symbol is the Pan Pipes that Peter plays in he movie. He is a very energetic god and so is Peter Pan.


Peter Pan Syndrome: A man who never grows up
Man affected by Peter Pan syndrome are those who wish remain children all their life. As in the country of NeverLand, the qualification of this syndrome is born from Peter Pan tale where everybody never grows.