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  • Other Tales:

    • Fractured Fairy Tale: Aladdin (This version is about Aladdin and he owns a lamp shop and a king walks into his shop asking him for one. But there is one problem. The shop he own's doesn't sell any lamps. Aladdin sets out to find one and he falls into a ditch and from there his adventures begin. To read out the link above)

    • Arabian Nights (This version is about a troubled young man named Aladdin whose father died when he was very young. He gives his mother a hard time but when he meets his uncle suddenly he gives Aladdin a job at his shop. They set out to explore the city but come across a few things. To read the link above)

    • Short Stories: Aladdin (This version is about Aladdin who lives with his widowed mother and his uncle Mustafa wants him to come and work for him. They set out on a journey to a cave to find riches and a magic lamp. Mustafa is afraid to go into the cave so he makes Aladdin go in. When Aladdin refuses to give up what he found, Mustafa traps him in the cave and Aladdin's adventures begin! To read the link above)

  • Disney Version:


Aladdin is child who basically spends most of his time on the streets and in the slum areas of town with his trusty side-kick Abu. There is a princess named Jasmine who is forced to stay locked away in a tower that overlooks the entire city. She wishes to sneak away so one day she does, and she accidentally runs into Aladdin. He later develops a relationship with the princess and wishes to marry her. The only way for that to happen is if he is a prince. Aladdin gets put into jail by the evil Jafar and later soon becomes part of his plan to rule the land. There is a magic lamp that Jafar wishes to get his hands on and he looks to Aladdin for help. The lamp supposedly lies in the cave of wonders and when Aladdin becomes trapped in it, he comes across the lamp. The magic genie that lies within the lamp grants Aladin 3 wishes. He uses his wishes to become a prince and follow his feelings for Jasmine. Later in the story when Jafar gets his hands on the lamp, Aladdin has to rely on himself to save his kingdom and princess Jasmine.

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Controversies about Arabian Nights:

This Song in Aladdin raised a lot of controversie culturally and ethnically. This song above specifically portrays negative criticism culturally and stereotypically regarding race. The song above is the opening scene of the movie and the lyrics contain very offensive speech. Specific examples include: “Oh, I come from a land, From a faraway place, Where the caravan camels roam. Where they cut off your ear. If they don’t like your face. It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home." The American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee protested against this song for months and months. Finally after such an uproar, Disney changed the lyrics a bit. They altered the fourth and fifth lines to "Where it’s flat and immense, And the heat is intense.” None of the other lines were able to be changed but there were other stereotypical insinuations about Arabs. In fact, the narrator of the story as an repulsive slimy Arab.

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