Beauty and the Beast Original Concept

Grimm Brothers' version:

The story begins as a merchant about to set off for the market, and asked his three daughters what he would like to bring home. The first two said they wanted a dress and a necklace. The third, whose name is Beauty, hence by her prettiness and kindness, wanted a rose. Later that evening, a storm came by while the merchant was heading home. Unable to move on, the merchant found an inn. Thinking that there was nobody in, he settled himself inside, finding dinner already served and a well-made bed. The next day, the merchant went outside to the garden. He noticed a set of rose bushes and picked one rose for Beauty. Suddenly, the Beast jumped out, taking the merchant by surprise. Angry that the merchant stole one of his roses, the Beast prepares to kill him, until the merchant begged to be spared and explained it was for his daughter, Beauty. The Beast said he will spare the merchant's life under one condition. He must bring Beauty to him. The merchant arrived home, still trembled from the event, and explained everything to his daughters. Beauty insisted she will go for her father's sake.

When Beauty was taken to the castle, she was surprised by the warm greeting from the Beast. For several days, Beauty felt more comfortable around the Beast, having kind conversations around him. Until one day, the Beast asked her to marry him. Surprised, Beauty tried to deny his request in a kind matter, and the Beast interrupted her and apologized. Everything went back to normal.

One day, the Beast presented Beauty a magical mirror. When Beauty looked through it, she could see her family. Until one day, the Beast found her crying beside the mirror. Beauty explained her fatheris very ill and close to dying. She wanted to go see him, but the Beast gravely denied her request. Later, the Beast allowed her to leave to see her father, only to be back in seven days. Beauty was happy and went off to her father.

At home, Beauty took care of her ill father, describing her life at the castle and the Beast's kindness. As the days went by, her father became well again, until Beauty realized seven days had already passed. One night, Beauty had a terrible nightmare, that the Beast was dying and calling for her. She hurried back to the castle, to find the Beast in the garden. She apologized to him and said she will marry him. The Beast changed into a handsome prince. The prince explained he was cursed by an evil witch, and he will remain a Beast until a young woman would gladly accept him who he was. Later on, both Beauty and the prince were married, and the prince's garden had nothing but rose bushes, in which the castle was renamed Castle of the Rose.


Disney Version


This story is about a prince who was cursed into a beast. He was rude, cold and arrogant and the only way to break the spell was to learn to love another and win her love in return before the last petal from the rose fell. He lost hope because he didn't see who could love a beast. Years later, an inventor was lost in the woods and found shelter in the Beast's castle. He kept the inventor hostage for trespassing. The inventor's daughter, Belle, found him trapped and offer herself to be imprisoned instead in exchange of her father to the Beast. She accepts to stay in the castle for the rest of her life. At first, she said nothing but a beast, but eventually, the Beast and Belle fell in love.

When the Beast offered the magic mirror to Belle, she found her father struggling in asnow storm. With the Beast's permission, she hurried back and successfully saved her father. Later, Gaston, a handsome yet selfish man who is also in love with Belle, finds out that Belle is in love with the Beast. So he and the town rally up to defeat the Beast. At the castle, the enchanted characters scare away the town, while Gaston races up to face the Beast. When Belle arrived, she found the injured Beast while Gaston slipped and fell off the balcony to his death. When the last petal of the rose fell, the Beast changed back into the prince. The spell broke, everything went back to normal, and the prince and Belle lived happily ever after.

  • 1,295 painted backgrounds and 120,000 drawings were used in the movie
  • Belle is the only person in the town who wears blue, this was to symbolize how she was different from everyone else. She later goes on to meet the Beast, who also wears blue.
  • Twenty-five minutes of the film is taken up with songs, and only five minutes were completely without any musical score.
  • According to the "Official Encyclopedia of Disney" by Dave Smith, the Beast's name is "Adam," although he is always referred to as the Beast in the film.
  • It was the first of Disney's animated feature films to be scripted by a woman, Linda Woolverton.

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Other Adaptions

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Beauty and the Beast fanart by Justin van den Heuvel "VDH95"
Art commission for Drakakis Children's Literature 2013


There have been different versions of Beauty in the Beast made to be both on stage and screen. One of the versions was a French version. Also in 1994 Philip Glass wrote an opera about Beauty in the Beast but it was called "La Belle et la Bete". In the opera version follows the original story line. The music from the opera was used in the Disney movie. A 1962 version with Joyce Taylor and Mark Damon was made. In 1987, The Cannon Group and Golan-Globus Productions released a musical live action version. Children's film producer Diane Eskenazi produced an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast for Golden Films in 1993. A 2009 film was made set in a medeval world. A modern re-telling movie version of Beauty and the Beast was released on July 30 2010. The movie is called Beastly, based on the book Beastly by Alex Flinn.

French Version of Beauty and the Beast:

The story starts out by introducing a wealthy merchant who lived in a mansion with his three daughters. They were all very beautiful but one sister stuck out, her name was Belle and she had beauty both inside and outside. Their father ended up loosing his wealth and the family was forced to move into a small farm house which was something they were not used to. When their father had to travel, he asked his daughters if they wanted him to bring something back for them and two oldest daughters asked for fine jewelry and clothing. Belle on the other hand, simply wanted a rose, since none grew on their side of the country.

While the merchant was going to return home, he got lost in the forest and came across a beautiful palace and decided to stay there for the night. When he woke up the next morning he came across a rose garden and recalled that Belle had wanted a rose but as he picked the prettiest rose in the garden, the merchant was confronted by a hideous beast... the lord of the palace. The beast was furious, and told him he would have to kill him. The merchant begged to be set free and the beast agreed to let him give the rose to his youngest daughter, only if he came back.

When the merchant came back home with his gifts for his daughters, he tried to cover the secret about his deal with the beast, but Belle got it out of him and willingly went back to the castle with her father. When she walked in, the beast treated her like the mistress of the castle and he was her servant. He would ask her everyday to marry him and shower her with beautiful gifts and clothing. Belle always imagined marrying a handsome, charming prince and was convinced that the beast was holding her prince hostage somewhere in the castle.

As Belle began getting homesick, she begged for the beast to allow her to see her family. He allowed her one week to see them but sent her off with a magic mirror to see what is happening at the castle and a ring, which if you spun it three times it would send you back at castle instantly. She broke her promise, and was fooled by her sisters false love to stay. They had hoped the beast would eat her out of anger.

Belle started feeling guilty and looked in the mirror to see the how the beast was, and found him half dead laying by a rose. She immediately returned and started crying, saying she loved him. Upon her confessing her love, the beast turned into a handsome prince. The spell was broken and he and Belle lived happily ever after.

Beauty and the Beast the TV show:

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