It is now time to create a wiki page: College Essay and Application Process. Each class will create its own pages. Your task is to find at least one relevant web source that fits one of the categories below. You need to create an appropriate link and give a 1-2 sentence summary of the information, so future users will have an idea of the link before they use it. Use the guidelines and procedures that we have outlined on our home page. Make certain to keep the space organized and reader-friendly.

This, along with the discussion above is due by and is worth 30 points (15 for the source, link and summary and 15 for your participation in the discussion). Refer to the


Click on COLLEGE INTERVIEW and watch this homegrown video on the "do's and don'ts of a college interview." This video was created by two of our district graduates from the class of '08. Enjoy!
  • For more information on the college essay and application process go to the oWL.jpg
    navigation bar on the left and click on my District Writing Center Website.
  • Or, for a quick preview, click here on College Essay Samples and read some actual college essays.

Words of Advice from Seniors (in your own words)
College Application Process(Websites)
College Application Essay(Scholarly websites)
SAT Preparation Sites and Advice
College Interview Tips
Dealing with Senioritis

  • Create your own Podcasts/Videos
  • Use Scholarly Articles/Databases
  • Use Reliable Blogs
  • Incorporate Podcasts/Audio/NPR
  • Videos
  • RSS Feeds
  • Other

rss feed

    Check out this rss feed from the College Board site which includes the "Official SAT Question of the Day."