The Lost Boysby Jenna Staudt and Rebecca Cho

The Lost Boys – as well as Peter – were inspired by the //Llewelyn Davies boys//, whom Barrie befriended in 1897. The Lost Boys are widely known for their animal pajamas/costumes, as seen in the //1953 Disney adaptation// (though these did not appear in the original play).

The Lost Boys in Peter Pan are the little children who follows Peter Pan wherever he goes. They are called the "Lost" Boys because they never had parents; they do not belong to anyone. When they meet Wendy, they start to get the "motherly feeling" from her. The author explains in his novel that the Lost Boys are boys who fell out of their prams while their nannies are looking the other way. After going unclaimed for seven days, they are whisked off to Neverland, where they live with Peter Pan (neverpedia).



*The Lost Boys are boys who fell out of their prams while their nannies are looking the other way.
*The Lost Boys represent "childhood". They never grow up and therefore they lack of knowledge of an adult.
*They wear bear fur costumes (in Disney version, they wear various animal costumes)
*In the book, they explain that there are no "Lost Girls", because girls are too smart to be lost.

Relationship with Wendy:

*The Lost Boys felt a motherly instinct in Wendy when they met her. They did not like to talk about mothers or parents in front of Peter, but they really grew strong feelings toward Wendy as the days with her went on. Before Wendy left to go back home with John and Micheal she told the lost boys that if they go back with her she would find them a family of their own and that maybe her parents would adopt them.



*Tootles (skunk) - He is the most humble however least fortunate; he always misses adventures.
*Nibs (rabbit) - He is always happy and "debonair".
*Curly aka Cubby (bear) - He is a troublemaker.
*Slightly (foxy) - the most conceited one because he believes he remembers his life before being lost.
*Twins( raccoons) - They look exactly the same and even Peter cannot distinguish them.



Sudan's lost boys

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