The Significance of Neverland

"Second Star to the Right, and Straight on till Morning"



Inhabitants and the Island

Neverland is an island where Peter Pan, the lost boys, and others lived. It is a place where no one grows up and the character, Peter Pan, went to live here because he refused to grow up. Living on the island are the Pirates, under the rule of Captain James Hook, the Pixies, Tinker Bell is one of them, the Redskins (Indians), Tiger Lily is the chief's daughter, the mermaids, the Birds, and "Beasts." Such areas where these inhabitant live include Skull Rock, the Black Castle, Mermaid Lagoon, Neverpeak Mountain, the Lost Boy's Hideout, the Maze of Regrets, Pirate's Cove, and Pixie Hollow.

Facts About Never Land

• Also referred to as "Never Never Land"
• Time is ambiguous
• There are many more moons and suns than we have in "reality"
• Fairies have short life spans

Is it a Utopian world? Or a dystopian world?

There are many answers to this question. Some might say, "Yeah, it's completely utopian." Others might say, "No it's definitely dystopian." Most would probably say it's a utopian world simply because there are no parents and you never grow old there. Younger adults and children would agree with this because who wants to grow up and become an adult and have to do adult things? I think the kid in all of us would agree with this. If you asked someone with no imagination or no inner-child, I think they would say that this world is dystopian because of the fact THERE is no parents or rules or anything for that matter. The only down part about this place is that there's no real food. It's all make believe. There is a movie called "Coraline," and it's about a young girl Coraline who is an only child and her parents basically ignore her. She moves into a new house and follows these mice who crawl through a miniature door into a "yarn" world. In this world her parents give her so much attention, buy her everything, and basically tend to her every need. Other stories include "The Wizard of Oz." Dorothy, a young adult, lives on a farm with her aunt and uncle. They want her dog to be destroyed and she won't stand for it. So she runs away and falls asleep and winds up in Oz. She meets some good friends, sings all the time, and has a great time. Places like these allow people to leave reality and get their mind off things. Even adults sometimes fantasize about another world where everything is perfect.

Now in day realms

Celebrities such as Michael Jackson had a world of their own, never land was one of his dream places. He added everything he wished he had while growing up. Something he never got to enjoy when he was a child. Walt Disney decided to make a world of his own as well. To this day children enjoy Disney world not only is there Disney resorts in the US but they're all over the world. Other celebrities have worlds of their own, people such as Richard Brandson. Richard Brandson own most of the British virgin islands.