Fragmented Tale of Peter Pan

Once long ago, lived Wendy Darling and her two brothers, Michael and John. Their mother would always tell them stories about her favorite fairy tale, Peter Skillet. Skillet lived in Atlanta Land, a place very far away from their home in England. Wendy, being 15 years old (and the oldest of the three children), had many doubts about her mother’s bedtime stories. John and Michael were 10 and 5 years old, respectively.
On one very stormy night, Mrs. Darling was telling another one of her infamous tales to her children. Wendy couldn’t take it anymore. She was sick and tired of her mother’s countless stories about a fake figure that her brothers looked up to. While in the middle of the story, Wendy lost it. She yelled at her mother for telling these fake tales, right in front of John and Michael. Startled, Mrs. Darling yelled at the boys “Shut your ears! Don’t listen to your sister!”. So the children did as they were told, and Mrs. Darling told Wendy to sleep in the basement that night.
Wendy, frustrated with her mother, spent most of her night tossing and turning, unable to sleep. She was unaware of it, but the rain from the storm had started to accumulate outside the basement window. Finally, Wendy closed her eyes and finally was able to drift into a light slumber. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the window that was two feet under water by now. The knocks got harder, and louder as well. Finally, after a fifth knock, Peter Skillet came right through the window, along with countless gallons of water. Excited and confused, Wendy took peter by the hand and ran up to her and her brother’s room, to show off what she came across. The boys were ecstatic, and very uncontrollable. Peter said that he had to leave, and the boys, plus Wendy, were very upset. Little Michael kept badgering Peter to take them to Atlanta Land, the place where you grow younger. Peter wasn’t crazy about the idea, because it takes quite some time to get to Atlanta Land.
“Please, Peter, Please!” cried Michael. Skillet said “John and Michael you are too young to go to Atlantis land, you will grow young too quickly and cease to live; Wendy however should be old enough to visit there for a while.”
“Ok, fine” said John and Michael wanting to live more than wanting to go to Atlantis land.
“To get to Atlantis Land first, we must find the nearest beach, then swim all the way to the East Australian Current. We ride that till the end, and go beneath the Great Barrier Reef”. “But Peter, how do we breathe?” cried Wendy. As Peter reached into his pocket, he shouted, “Oh I forgot!”. He pulled out what looks like a small person with wings. “This is Fixit Whistle!” shouted Peter. “She is very handy and will fix your lungs so you can breath underwater.” They then proceeded to leave the house and swam thru the streets of a 1950’s England. They swam to the nearest beach, West Bay, and began their swim to proceeded to the East Australian Current.
Once they reached the Great Barrier Reef, Wendy, Michael, and John were all in search of the portal to Atlanta Land. They didn’t know where it was, until Skillet started to rub some sand from the ocean floor. Peter revealed a secret door, and when it was opened, it sucked all of the four people through. They finally reached Atlanta Land. However, it wasn’t how Mrs. Darling described. Atlanta Land was a casino, and held the world’s infinite fortune. Mrs. Darling had described a Ship Captain, Captain Net (who had a net for an arm), as an evil man who was out to get Peter. This was not true. Captain Net did have a net a hand, but he wasn’t a ship captain. He was the casino owner of Atlanta Land. He was out to steal all of Peter skillet’s cash. However, Peter was a master of counting cards and constantly beat the house, and his partner Fixit Whistle could tinker with the slot machines so that they are easier to win. As Wendy and they boys swam up to Atlantis land, they were immediately confronted by Captain Net. With one swift swipe of his net he captured Fixit Whistle. “Look at what I caught Skillet, Your Handy partner Fixit!” said Net
“Very well Net” Said Skillet “I can still beat all the Black jack tables without her.”
“We’ll see about that Skillet, in the end the house always wins no matter how long it takes. Sooner or later you will grow so young that you can no longer remember how to count cards.”
Peter grabbed Wendy and the boys and walked away leaving the rest of their battle for the Black Jack Table. Peter walked over to one of the waitresses and asked for a drink hoping to clear his head and gain some confidence before he started playing. The waitress refused to serve him saying that he was now too young to be drinking. Wendy turns to Peter and says in a small voice “I think its time to leave peter, I have an uneasy feeling about this place.”
“Unfortunately” said peter “we are not allowed to leave without gambling. I’ve heard stories of people trying to leave without gambling. They call them the lost boys. Once they leave they are never found again and no one knows what happens to them.”
“Oh dear, well there’s no way you’d be able to count cards at your current age, why right now you only look eleven, and I wouldn’t want you too loose all of your money to Net. Our only hope is to get back Fixit and have her rig all of the machines.”
“But how are we going to get Fixit back from Captain Net’s net?” said peter
“I Know!” said Wendy “You must go and play black jack for a while and distract Net while I free Fixit.”
“Great idea” said Peter “lets do it”
So Peter tried his best to count cards and not lose in black jack however since he was so young and his memory wasn’t so sharp he still lost about $100. During the game Wendy snuck up behind Net and freed Fixit. Peter immediately cashed out and went to go win the slot machines. They left at the end of the day to return to the real world with winnings of $1,000,000 and they lived happily ever after returning back to Atlantis land when they grew old enough.

Peter Pan Poem

Once in a London home, long ago
Lived stories of a boy whom would never grow
Peter Pan, in Neverland, with fairies, mermaids and lost boys


Three children asleep when suddenly, a noise
Peter had entered and Wendy awoke
To her he talked and of his shadow he spoke
John and Michael awoke as well
Pan taught them to fly, and to London a wave farewell
Off and away to Neverland they flew
Where Hook await to see Peter and pursue
A bang with a ball fired from cannons below
Wendy and brothers flew away from high to low
The lost boys were warned of the incoming “birds”
They began to fire without exchanging words
Peter saves Wendy from falling to the ground
Peter banishes Tinkerbell with a bound
To the mermaids peter took her, and much to her disgust
Wendy was jealous because the mermaids showed Peter lust
Hook floats by, with Tiger Lily Captive, held
To a cave where Peter pan yelled
Hook and Smeed were very confused
Smeed felt so used
Peter saves Tiger Lily, and to her camp they went
And they go off on the “Red man” origin segment
Tink helps hook to find Peter’s home
Because she’s struck with a jealousy syndrome
Hook drops a bomb into Peter’s room
Little did Peter know he was holding his doom
Saved by Tink who escapes Hook’s hold
Captured, Wendy is forced to walk the plank
Peter saves her and on hook peter pulls a prank
A fight to the death, and the crocodile returns
Chases Hook away from the ship
Back to London, what an unfortunate trip
The stories remain, and the legend lives on
Because no matter what, Peter pan is never gone

Fragmented Tale: To Kill A Pan

Wendy is growing up fast, she misses Neverland and peter pan. Every night she stays by the window looking for him. He never comes. She winds up telling all of her friends about her adventures in never land. And none of them believed her. So she went through the next 4 years as an outcast, her friends though she was crazy and her mom took her therapist after therapist but all came to the same conclusion that she was crazy. One night she decided she hated peter pan and looked up at the stars. She wished upon a star that she would have the chance to hurt peter one day and cause him the same pain that he caused her. Later that night something flew into the window. Wendy thought nothing of it so she went back to sleep. Later on she heard a tapping on the window. She walked over to the window and opened it up. Something flies in and it is glowing. She says “tink?” because it looked like tinker bell but it was glowing red. The red glowing “fairy like creature stopped. She said with a pirate’s accent “who are you calling tink, my name is zinker bell.” She explained how she was an evil fairy working for captain hook and how they had a plan to kill peter pan but they needed her help. Wendy was so excited her wish had worked! She decided not to tell her brothers or wake them because they still adored peter. Wendy went with Zinker and they flew away to never land. Every thing looks different now; captain hook went on a rampage destroying the mermaid cove, the Indian area, and the tree house where she had lived last time. She sees the ship and she goes to captain hook and tells him all about her hatred for pan. She sits and listens to hooks plans to lure peter in using her as bait. She agrees and the plan commences. They lure peter in by having Wendy yell for help. After about 15 seconds of trying they lure him in, he tells hook to let her go, hook tells him to fight him on the poop deck. Peter fly’s down and as he hits the ground Wendy jumps out and throws a net over him. Peter pan is captured. As the time passes the lost boys are wondering where peter is, when tinker bell fly’s in and tells them what happened that her evil counter part zinker bell and captain hook have captured peter. All the lost boys are shocked that Wendy would do such a thing. They prepare to go back and get peter back. A heavy battle takes place on the ship where the lost boys lost the battle and retreated. Tinker bell had an idea; she decided to go get Michael and John to talk Wendy out of it. She flew to London and got the brothers. They went back to never land and saw the destruction. The lost boys and the brothers went to the ship carrying a white flag walked on the ship. They went to captain hook and said they wanted to talk to Wendy. Wendy walked out dressed as a pirate. She ran and embraced Michael and john. They were all so excited to see her. They talked to her about her hatred, but she was adamant. She hates him and wants him dead, finally after a long time of talking to her they convince her to come back to the good side, captain hook then captures all of them. She talks to peter and they work everything out. They get tink to get them out and they take over the ship. And get captain hook to surrender. After a few failed attempts the lostboys have gotten their leader back and wendy has her friend back!!