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Has it been a while since you've read a tale of Robin Hood? Is it possible that you've never read a Robin Hood story?

Here's a quick lesson on the outlaw, and his friends. There are many different Robin Hood tales out there. Storytellers still add new stories, and new characters to the legend of Robin Hood. For example, the early stories say Robin Hood was not a nobleman. Now he often is one. This page summarizes some of the most common elements of the legend, taken from the earliest ballads to the most recent books and films. Look around at the different stories, songs, and characters that all involve Robin Hood.



Did you know that the song "Love," by George Bruns and Floyd Huddleston, was nominated for an Academy Award in 1973 for Best Song? Find out facts, see pictures, view cast lists, and more! Scroll around and learn about Robin Hood, and the social climate of the time.


A long time ago, in a faraway land, legend tells an extraordinary tale of courage and friendship... Get ready for swashbuckling adventure, unforgettable characters, memorable music and lots of laughs in Disney's ROBIN HOOD

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When was the last time you read a newspaper in black and white(1973)?!
News Paper Article from 1973

This article is a movie review from the New York Times(1973)
Its summarzies and reviews the Disney version of Robin Hood. It criticizes the visual details, and characters in the animated film. The article also covers a show called "Sons of Robin Hood" (1959) which was about 165-half hour televisions films.

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An Original Parody of the Disney version of Robin Hood
Notorious Hooded Robin
Once upon a time off in the deep forest of Sherwood lived a sneaky little Robin bird. He was very clever, and knew how to get what he wanted. Robin had a best friend named Little John. Little John was a cricket that had befriended the bird, and persuaded Robin not to eat him. Little John had an enormous amount of wit, and often disagreed with the deals his friend made. Robin was an outlaw in the kingdom; because he was known to fly into the wealthy’s living quarters and take what he needed in his beak. This is what Little John disagreed with. He was a big-hearted cricket; that saw no problem in stealing bread to feed the rest of the animals in the forest, but stealing from higher beings for personal gain was wrong.
One day while Robin was flying back to the forest after a failed attempt to swipe some fresh berries he found himself attacked and trapped by the king’s guards. He was brought to the castle, but to Robin’s surprise, it was the prince that sent the men after him. The Prince knew about Robin’s background, and knew the King would be ecstatic to have finally captured the bird. However, the Prince knew he was in competition with his Brother for the crown. If he could make the King become disappointed in his rival, he would have an even bigger opportunity for Kinghood. The Prince made a proposition for Robin, he accepted and was let go. The deal was to release Robin, and in return the bird would fly into the Prince’s brother’s room and steal a diamond bracelet. When the King finds out he will be outraged at the immaturity of his one son. The Prince will then claim to have found the jewelry, and the King will be so happy, and proud of his other son’s maturity.

The following day there was the annual archery competition. When anyone who could shoot was able to enter. This meant
everyone in the castle would be busy all day, and both Princes would be out shooting. In the forest Little John was trying to convince Robin not to go through with the deal. He didn’t want his friend making deals with the wrong side. Robin wasn’t supposed to steal from the rich to help the rich. He suggested they just go off into the forest,
and find a new place to live where no one knew about their past. Robin insulted by the idea knew he had to do it in order to continue helping the poor of the Sherwood Forest; he also wanted to prove to the King-to-be he could swipe

anything, and to remember not to test him in the future. Disregarding Little John’s warning Robin took flight for the castle.
To one the side of the castle he saw the archers getting ready for the competition. He spotted the king, and both his sons; he knew it was safe to fly up, and go inside. While he was inside he started looking for the bracelet. He made it to the Prince’s room and found what he was looking for. In the room Robin saw a wanted poster with his picture on it. He quickly made a hooded cloak and wrapped himself in it. Robin flew out of the window and towards the archers.
With an immortal feeling creeping in Robin decided to fly past the shooters with his trophy. As soon as the evil Prince saw his brother’s bracelets in the beak of a hooded bird he knew it was Robin. The Prince drew back his bow and pinned the little bird against a target. The King jumped with joy seeing that his son had killed a hooded robber. The King walked over to the bird took the bracelet out of its lifeless beak, and took off the hood. He shouted in excitement! His son had not only got back a diamond bracelet, but he also killed the Notorious Hooded Robin.
The Prince proofed to his father he was the better choice for king, and was rewarded with the honor of getting the crown after his father’s death. The King decided to leave the bird pinned to the target as a warning to the rest of the thieves in the kingdom. Little John hopped over to his friend’s body and wept. He took his friend’s body down and buried it. He made a marking on the grave that read “Robin Hood” “Steal from the rich, give to the poor.”

Star Wars Moral: Don’t join the dark side.

written by David P.


Though Robin Hood steals from the rich, his intentions to help those in need allow everyone but the law to look past his criminal life style and accept that he wants to bring economic equality. Morally, Robin Hood teaches us to be selfless and generosity greatly surpasses greed.

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Robin Hood Men In Tights was considered to be anywhere from utterly hilarious to truly awful. This parody of the real story has been getting mixed reviews, and I guess it could be considered an acquired taste. Yahoo movies had real reviews from real people giving their opinions about the movie, and can all be read here