Turkish Version:

The Turkish version of The Beauty and the Beast is referred to as The Princess and the Pig. The father in the story is called a padishah, or king. He is searching for gifts for his daughters and finds the worldly goods of fruit for his elder sisters but can’t find anything for his youngest daughter. The padishah’s carriage gets stuck in the mud when he meets a pig who is the Beast in this story. This pig is the only one that is able to free the padishah from the mud so they come to a deal that the pig will receive the father’s youngest as his bride if he frees the father and his carriage from the mud. The padishah agrees to the deal and tries to trick the pig into giving him somebody else but fails. So the pig gets his youngest daughter and through her goodness she accepts the bad circumstances she is forced into. Luckily for the youngest daughter, she went to sleep one night and her surroundings were turned into great luxury and the pig turns into a handsome young man.


French Version:

Beauty and the Beast -Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont's original story
La Belle et la Bete - Jean Cocteau's Film Version
Film Review - Review of Jean Cocteau's Film
IMBD Beauty and the Beast - Movie review for Jean Cocteau's Film

Disney Version:

Disney Archive version based on the fairy tale La Belle et la Bete written by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont

"One of Disney's best animated films"
"Disney's best version" - on blu-ray, The Beast Diamond Edition
When the original film was released almost 20 years ago, it was one of the first to use the advanced computer generated imagery.

The Beast Diamond Edition- includes the original theatrical version, special extended edition (features the song "Human Again" and some minor changes), and original storyboard version
Disney's 3D version to be released in "2012 or later" - expected to bring in a lot of money

Grimm Brother's Version: Their original "Beauty and the Beast" version
The Singing, Springing Lark Another version by the Grimm Brothers which portrays the Beast as a lion

  • Rose: symbolizes beauty, but when the merchant picked it, a beast emerged
  • Beauty embroidering: showed how the woman does the housework
  • Men have more power than women: the Beast initially won't let Beauty leave the castle even when her dad was dying
  • Looks: at first Beauty didn't want to marry the Beast because he was ugly (not a Prince Charming). When she said would marry him, he turned into a Prince Charming.

Links to other versions:
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David Nixon's ballet version of Beauty and the Beast
Fractured Fairy Tale
Told by A.J. Jacobs, this story has a different type of "Beauty"



Beauty and the Beast Theme Song - This is the Disney theme song

La Belle et La Bete - This is a part of the first film where Belle first meats the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast on Broadway Cont. - This is the Second Part

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